The Proper Way to Serve Iced Tea

Have you ever wondered where the iced tea spoon goes after stirring your Iced Tea? What is proper Iced Tea etiquette? How should Iced Tea be served?

According to Dorothea Johnson, founder of The Protocol School of Washington, Iced Tea should be served in a tall glass placed on a saucer or small plate with the long iced teaspoon resting on the outer right of the flatware. After stirring the sugar cube in the tea the spoon should be placed on the edge of the iced tea saucer to protect linens. If a saucer is not provided the long iced teaspoon should remain in the glass and the index finger should be used to hold it in place while sipping.

It is appropriate to offer both sugar and lemon with iced tea. Sugar should be in the form of sugar cubes and lemons should be thinly sliced and placed on a small dish. Both should be placed near each other on the table for convenience of guests.

I personally have never been to an event where the iced tea glass is served on a small plate and am looking forward to introducing this bit of proper iced tea etiquette to my circle of friends. I know they will appreciate it – especially if it helps to protect beautiful table linens!

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